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Combat Belt

Combat Belt

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Essential Gear for Any Mission

Top quality gear for all situations.  Whether you're in a combat intensive environment,   or a recreational user, we fit any lifestyle.  Quality tested and performance driven.

 Built for Combat

The heavy-duty, load-bearing construction of our Combat Belt allows you to comfortably attach extra ammunition, storage pouches, medical packs, tactical gear, and anything else you might need in a firefight or at the range.

Comfortable and Adjustable 

The thick padding disperses weight evenly no matter what gear is attached. This ensures your belt rig stays comfortable throughout the day whether you're hiking, carrying EMT gear, managing ammo, or loading holsters. Fully adjustable, our combat belt can be tightened for a custom fit.

Quick-Release Buckle

The 2" wide quick-release buckle gives convenient, instant attach-detach capacity. Our Combat Belt does not slip and keeps all your tactical equipment secure.



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