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D2 Survival Knife

D2 Survival Knife

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A Bold Weapon to Brave Along the Way

Boldly carrying a blade is a necessary survival tool in any setting. Utilize it for cutting, opening, prying, hammering, or even self defense. Keep it within reach for when you require its strength.

Take on Endless Challenges with our Durable Tool!

This blade is crafted from D2 steel and built to take on any challenge with strength and durability. The ABS and stainless steel handle provide reliability and stability, ensuring it can handle any task at hand.

Edge Retention

Sharpen your edge with the D2 steel blade and keep rust at bay with the matte finish. Never be without a sharp blade!

A Solid and Steady Hold Perfect for Long-Lasting Usage!

The handle of the Survival Knife offers an unbeatable grip, almost like an extension of your hand that won't slip even when your palms get sweaty. Plus, the guard between the handle and blade ensures your hand stays put during intense use.



Sharp Blade: YES

Blade Angle: >60°

Blade Material: D2

Full Length: 23cm

Handle Length: 12cm

Blade Length: 9.7cm

Blade Width: 2.8 CM

Blade Thickness: 4 mm

Type: Multi Knife

Handle Material: ABS+Stainless Steel

Model Number: C-xzd29



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