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Emergency Alarm Keychain

Emergency Alarm Keychain

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When You Need Help, Be Heard

The Emergency Alarm Keychain is designed to be heard in emergency situations. It is a must-have safety tool that emits an ear-piercing sound that is sure to alert those nearby and help you get assistance quickly. You can be confident that you are protected in any unexpected situation.

Let People Know

The Emergency Alarm Keychain is designed to alert others to your location in an emergency. It features a loud 120 decibels alarm to ensure your emergency is heard. With peace of mind, you can secure your safety with this convenient keychain.

Prevent Becoming a Victim

The Emergency Alarm Keychain is the perfect way to help prevent becoming a victim of a crime. With a loud siren, this alarm is sure to scare off any attackers. The keychain is small and portable, so you can easily and safely take it with you wherever you go.

Accidents Happen

This emergency alarm keychain is designed to sound an alert in a variety of situations such as slip, trip, and fall accidents or even if you become lost in the wilderness. An essential safety tool, the loud alarm can draw the attention of nearby help.



Model Number: Self Defense Alarm

Certification: CE

item: Self Protection Alarm


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