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Security Door Stop Alarm

Security Door Stop Alarm

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When You Need Security No Matter Where You Are

Introducing our Door Security Lock Alarm – an essential addition for safeguarding your home or office. In an unpredictable world, everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with an extra layer of protection. This innovative device combines reliable locking mechanisms with a powerful alarm system, ensuring your space remains secure and providing you with an added sense of safety.

Rugged Endurance

Crafted with a robust stainless steel construction, our Door Security Lock Alarm boasts unparalleled durability. This resilient material ensures that the lock stands up to the test of time, providing steadfast protection for your home or office. Its sturdy design guarantees a long-lasting solution that you can rely on for years to come.

Adjustable Alarm

 The Door Security Lock Alarm is designed with your specific needs in mind. With the ability to customize the alarm settings, you have full control over the level of security that suits your environment best. Whether you prefer a subtle alert or a more robust deterrent, this adaptable feature ensures that the lock alarm caters to your unique requirements, offering a tailored and versatile solution for your peace of mind.

Peace and Peace of Mind

The Door Security Lock Alarm provides an indispensable blend of durability and adaptability, offering a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your home or office. Its stainless steel design ensures long-lasting reliability, while the customizable alarm settings empower you to tailor the security to your exact preferences. Investing in this innovative device means embracing a heightened level of protection and gaining the peace of mind that comes with knowing your space is secure. Elevate your security measures with the Door Security Lock Alarm today. 


1. Stainless steel pressure plate, solid and durable: stainless steel pressure plate, is the foundation of anti-theft and life safety, durable pressure is the key.

2. Three-level sensitivity is adjustable: the pressure sensitivity can be adjusted according to different situations.

3. Door block anti-theft alarm: anti-abnormal intrusion/anti-wolf anti  theft. Stainless steel installation required, easy for travelers to carry.


Color: Black silver

Material: ABS, stainless steel

Size: 139*44*39mm

Package Included:

1 *  Door Stop Alarm


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