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Self Defense Bracelet

Self Defense Bracelet

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Stylish and Discreet Defense

This stylish and discreet Self Defense Bracelet is designed to provide discreet, easy-to-use personal protection. Crafted to be fashionable and lightweight, it's perfect for everyday wear. Feel secure knowing you're prepared to defend yourself in an emergency.

Wear How You Want

This Self Defense Bracelet offers 5 distinct ways to wear it for your convenience. Wear it as a hand bracelet, a waist chain, a necklace, and even as a car decoration. Enjoy the merit of self defense in more ways than one!

Strong and Resilient

Our Self Defense Bracelet is crafted with strong and resilient 8-10mm stainless steel and steel wiring, ensuring it can offer optimal protection when needed. Wear it anytime, anywhere for added peace of mind.

Carry Anywhere

The Self Defense Bracelet is the perfect way to keep yourself safe while on-the-go. Lightweight and discreet, this bracelet can be worn any time, and is completely legal everywhere you go. Feel secure knowing you have a powerful tool in your pocket to protect yourself.






118pcs 8MM diameter beads Weight 218g, vertical length 48cm, not suitable for customers with thick wrists
128pcs 8MM diameter beads, weight 233g, vertical length 51cm, suitable for customers with thick wrists.
108 10MM diameter beads weighing around 380 grams with a vertical length of around 52 cm, suitable for customers with thick wrists

Wrist, up to 17.5 cm, suitable for 8MM 118 pieces
Suitable for wrists up to 17.5cm, 8MM128 and 10MM108
Material Stainless steel

Comes in a nice storage bag



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