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Self-Defense Claw Knife

Self-Defense Claw Knife

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Sharp Blade: YES

Blade Angle: >60°

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Full Length: 14cm

Spring Force: no

Handle Length: 9.5cm

Lock: no

Blade Length: 4.5cm

Product Information
1.This product is made of high quality 3Cr13 steel with excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance and long service life.
2.Adopting CNC concave grinding and opening process, the edge is thin and sharp, with low cutting resistance and lasting sharpness.
3. The knife handle is designed to fit the palm of the hand, with a comfortable and light grip. Anti-slip treatment, feel comfortable, not easy to take off the hand, the use of more safe and reliable.
4. Foldable design, easy to carry. Back clip design, easy to organize and carry, more convenient and practical.
5. Suitable for a variety of cutting needs, whether cutting fruits and vegetables or outdoor use, can easily cope with a wide range of uses.
6.This product is ideal for your outdoor adventure, home kitchen and personal care, adding convenience and comfort to your life.

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