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Survival Ring

Survival Ring

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Walk With Confidence

This Survival Ring is designed for any adventure. It's lightweight, waterproof and comfortable to wear, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about losing or damaging it. Crafted from high-quality material, it's designed to last and is a must-have for the serious adventurer.


The Survival Ring is made from premium metal, giving you the reliable strength and durability to meet your outdoor needs. This high-quality construction ensures your ring will withstand the elements, no matter the situation.


This Survival Ring is made from robust stainless steel and is designed for self-defense and emergency situations. Its uniquely engineered design grants it the ability to break glass, giving you an extra level of safety and protection where it matters most.

Easy to Carry

The Survival Ring is the perfect self-defense accessory with its compact and lightweight design. Its convenient size allows you to carry it anywhere without the bulk, so you can be prepared for any situation.



Material: metal

Modelling: cat's ear

Inner diameter 20mm



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