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Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight

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Illuminate with Precision: Unveiling Our Tactical Flashlight Mastery

 Introducing our Tactical Flashlight - a powerhouse of illumination and versatility. Crafted with precision from durable materials, this flashlight is designed for the demands of tactical use. Boasting a blindingly bright LED, adjustable focus, and multiple lighting modes, it provides optimal visibility in any situation. Its rugged construction ensures durability, while the compact size makes it convenient for everyday carry. Whether you're navigating the wilderness, securing your surroundings, or preparing for emergencies, our Tactical Flashlight is the reliable and robust choice for those who demand peak performance from their gear. Illuminate your path with confidence and precision.

Strong, Precise Light

This tactical flashlight offers an impressive range of lighting options. Generating 2000-4000 lumens of light, the flashlight is capable of illuminating surfaces up to 300 meters away. With multiple lighting modes and a zoomable lens, the flashlight is ideal for tactical use.

Resilient and Resistant

This tactical flashlight is designed to be resilient and resistant, crafted from aircraft quality aluminum, and waterproof. It's the ideal tool for a wide range of outdoor activities, offering powerful illumination in any environment.



T6 Flashlight:

Battery: 1*18650 or 3*AAA Battery(Not include)

Special Features: Zoomable

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Five Modes: High Light, Middle Light, Low Light, Strobe and SOS Light

Lighting Distance:200-300meters


waterproof: yes


Q5 Flashlight:

Color: Black

Size: 96mm*25mm*20mm

Lumens: 2000LM

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Mode: 3 modes Strong > Low > Strobe

Battery:1*14500 or AA Battery(not included)


















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