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Telescoping Baton Flashlight

Telescoping Baton Flashlight

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 When You Hear That Bump in the Night...

 A powerful and versatile tool designed for personal security and illumination. This compact yet formidable device combines the functionality of a high-intensity flashlight with the defensive capabilities of a telescoping baton. With a durable aluminum alloy construction and an extendable design, it provides both tactical advantage and practical utility. Whether you need a reliable light source or a means of self-defense, our Telescoping Baton Flashlight is the ultimate companion for those prioritizing safety and preparedness.

Multiple Light Settings

The Telescoping Baton Flashlight offers superior lighting with three powerful beam settings - high, low, and strobe. Maximize visibility with the spotlight-style high setting, or extend the battery life with the low setting. With the strobe mode, you can instantly alert and disorient potential threats. Light-up your environment with this multi-mode flashlight.

Light Up the Night

Stay safe and illuminated with this Telescoping Baton Flashlight. Boasting 800 Lumen LED output and a beam that can reach 1600 FT/500 M on high beam mode, the flashlight provides ultimate performance with extended battery life. Get peace of mind and superior lighting power with this flashlight.

Adjust Your Focus

Our Telescoping Baton Flashlight is the perfect tool for any situation. Featuring a versatile and adjustable beam focus, you can easily switch between close and long-range visibility for optimal results in any environment.

Holds Up to Life

This Telescoping Baton Flashlight is designed to last, crafted with a high-quality aluminum alloy and a skid-proof design for greater durability. Its water-proof so you can keep it with you no matter the weather.



Item color: Black

Lumens: 800LM

Light color: White

Crust material: Aluminum alloy

LED type: XRE

Reflector: Convex Lens

Power source: 3 * AAA or 1 * 18650 battery(not included)

Size (mm) :370mm( length ) x 35.5mm( head diameter )

Extended length:445mm( length ) x 35.5mm( head diameter )

Weight :405g


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